Holland & Holland

Bookster Tailoring is proud to announce a new partnership with the venerable house of Holland & Holland.  Founded in 1835, the world renowned Mayfair based gunmaker has established itself as the finest of its kind.  In addition to the ‘Royal’ engraving on its shotguns, the company is also known as a provider of clothing necessary for the field and more.  By way of introduction Bookster will be offering a select and limited number of garments made by Holland & Holland in the ready-to-wear range.

Distinguished already as a maker of custom garments for the field and town, Bookster can now offer customers old and new this special opportunity to purchase sized garments for immediate despatch in both traditional and unique styles of the highest quality.  Items will be available online at www.bookster.com.  Appointments also available at our quaint Tudor showroom in Newent, Gloucestershire UK. As always, simply give us a call, we will be delighted to learn your needs and advise accordingly. 

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