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Tweed is undoubtedly considered to be an icon of British and Irish country clothing. It’s flexible, durable qualities make it ideal for a number of outdoor pursuits. Tweed is made to withstand the harsh climate while providing comfort and functionality.

At Bookster we love taking Tweed back to its origins by creating quality country and outdoor wear. Whether you want traditional styles or something a little more contemporary we’ll work with you to create your ideal Tweed outfit.

We offer an extensive range of ready to wear, made to order and made to measure items. Our range includes some of the most well-known Tweeds including Harris Tweed, Donegal Tweed and Magee Tweed in a vast array of colours.

Our Tweed jackets can be customised to suit your own unique personal tastes and preferences. We can custom make our Tweed shooting jackets, Tweed hacking jackets, Tweed classic jackets and Tweed Norfolk jackets in a range of fine quality Tweeds.

There is no doubt that a well-tailored Tweed jacket or suit adds a touch of elegance to your wardrobe. We believe that Tweed should be treated with respect. That is why we provide only the highest quality finish on all of our expertly tailored garments. You can be sure that our Tweed clothing will be comfortable, practical and enjoyable to wear.