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Bookster have an established reputation for creating truly unique and elegant Tweed jackets for men. We are passionate about our tailoring heritage and have worked hard to develop quality clothing ranges. A jacket is just one part of the outfit and whether you choose to create a full outfit with Bookster or team a Bookster jacket with items from your existing wardrobe you’ll need to consider accessories.

Create your garments with accessories in mind

When you are creating a Bookster garment it is important to consider the accessories.

Will you be wearing a waistcoat under your jacket? Perhaps you want to leave room to fit a chunky sweater underneath. Make sure that you leave enough room to allow for this additional padding when deciding on sizing.

When you are designing trousers or breeks you should consider if you intend on wearing a belt. Belt loops look untidy without but should be included if you are planning on wearing one. Side adjusters provide an alternative option and can give a neater look.

If you’re thinking about wearing braces then you’ll need to include braces buttons and you can allow a little more give in the waist measurements.

The shoes you will be wearing may dictate how your trousers should be tailored. Will your trousers go inside or outside a boot? Do you want tapered trousers or turn-ups? Think about how your trousers will sit on your shoe.

Whilst you shouldn’t design your outfit around the accessories you should certainly consider the outfit as a whole to ensure you get the look you require.

Bookster accessories

Our accessories are made to the same high standards as any of our garments. We are passionate about what we do so we don’t compromise on quality. We listen to our customers continue to extend our range to include more items in Tweed and other fabrics.

Whether you decide on matching accessories or contrasting, we will help ensure that you receive exactly what you need.


Choose from flat caps or baker boy caps with or without an extended peak. These can be made to match your jacket or suit or just as an individual item. Choose your cloth from our extensive range of Tweeds and wools.

Waistcoats and vests

Waistcoats, vests and gilets really add to an outfit. Our popular shooting vests have a number of customisable features and can be made in your choice of material. Our waistcoats can be made as standalone items or made to match your suit, whether for business, leisure or a special occasion.


British style was developed to contend with the unpredictable British weather. At Bookster we offer a selection of overcoats to protect your Bookster suit or provide additional warmth in the winter months.

Tweed overcoats make a stylish and practical addition to your wardrobe. There are also raincoat options available too. Our traditional trench coat and reversible coat are extremely popular. They are made to the highest standards and designed with attention to the materials used to create a practical and functional item that looks great too.

Ordering your accessories

You can order your Bookster accessories in the same way as all other garments. Simply decide on your choice of cloth, select any customisable features and place your order through our website.

Whether you are putting together an outfit for a wedding or event, business or leisure, Bookster can help you create your look. If you need some inspiration then browse our range or gallery for ideas. If you would like help with any aspect of your outfit then you can contact us and we’ll talk you through the most suitable options for you.

At Bookster we’re passionate about British style and helping you create unique, versatile, high quality clothing.