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Bookster Ships Worldwide

Bookster Ships Worldwide

Posted by Bookster on 20th Feb 2021

Bookster international service is up and running (and in fact has never stopped)

We ship to the US, the EU, Asia, Australia, Latin America and Africa, in fact anywhere we ship anywhere that United Parcel Service (UPS) can deliver.  Shipments go out daily via UPS.
Shipping prices are quite reasonable, and fast

Standard Flat Rate Shipping:

UK £10

Europe £25

United States and Canada £38

ROW £45

Lower rates for lightweight items can be chosen by selecting Ship by Weight.

Our international customers are always welcome and can be assured of our attention to detail and customer service. 

As travel opens up again, everyone is welcome to stop in (by appointment) to our Newent showroom, if they are vising beautiful Gloucestershire.