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New Donegal Tweeds - Ideal for Spring

New Donegal Tweeds - Ideal for Spring

21st Jan 2018

We are pleased to introduce a wonderful new range of Irish Donegal Tweeds from Molloy & Sons. We hope that these will be an inspiration for your next outfit.

Usually a Category C cloth we are offering them at Category B until the end of January 2018.

Ideal for Spring in the Northern Hemisphere

MOLLOY & SONS WEAVING - represent the history of the past, the ambition of the future, and the ever–present beauty of the Atlantic coast of Donegal.

Revered for the colour, beauty and quality of their tweeds, Molloy & Sons are one of the few companies who can proudly claim to create authentic Donegal Tweed.

Located on the Atlantic northwest coast in Ardara, Co. Donegal; this father and son team are synonymous with what great craftsmanship is today. Their wealth of knowledge, skill and expertise comes through from their ancestors and continues to live on in the modern techniques that they have embraced.

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Molloy & Sons Donegal Tweeds