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Tweed Indeed

Posted by Bookster on 5th Oct 2022


Even after all these years in the business we are still learning about Tweed and  its uses. It is an almost mystical fabric.

What was a humble, practical, hard wearing cloth 'born of necessity'. The multiple uses that came about and the ever growing appreciation of it,  to this day could not have been imagined by the originators. Put simply they just wanted to be warm, dry and comfortable at least cost with easy to obtain materials.

These simple factors could be said of the needs of the lady in the image above. A flying suit made of tweed! And what a wonderful choice that must have been in those days with the crudeness in comfort terms of the planes that existed. Leather played its part most commonly for flying of course, rough wool lined often, but leather does not breathe like wool tweed. It would have been so nice to have been able talk to this gallant lady flyer about how she found it compared to more cumbersome flying gear.

Well at this point we do not offer a tweed flying suit, but we do offer an ever increasing range of tweed garments. We have so many more ideas, but the latest has been long in the pipeline and is available now..our Tweed Shacket ( Shirt / Jacket)

We have always had a personal love of pure wool ‘Shepherd Shirts’ from New Zealand and have been wearing them ourselves for over 20 years. They were meant and fit for the job they were designed for, managing sheep in all weathers, but spilled over into wider practical use and fashion too. Very basic in tailoring terms but that didn't matter.

Our Shackets are a bit more elegant by design and intention. In sheer practical terms, they are so versatile. Each is individually made for the wearer with a range of useful styling options from an almost endless range of tweed and other cloth choices.

They are so durable, you can keep for best or just throw in the car for those moments the weather can catch you out, or if you need to smarten up in an instant. Casual elegance, warm and dry, breathable…they become a firm favourite…a go anywhere comfort piece. We offer a beautiful range of tweeds as you will see from the link…and many more if you have your own ideas.

Warning: They are addictive more than 1 recommended….  our customers have discovered the need!