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Chalk Stipe or Rope Stipe

Chalk Stipe or Rope Stipe

12th Mar 2024

We have always called wider striped suits chalk stripe, as many tailors and cloth merchants do. To be more correct, it is only the stripes that give the impression of a soft chalk stripe that should be called a chalk stripe. This is easily achieved with a flannel or a softer finished worsted cloth, as we have chosen below. The bolder stripes are often called Rope Stripe which we are also offering for those looking for a bolder look.

The choice of widths and styles of stripes from mills and merchangs is huge. To narrow things down for you, we have chosen the six cloths below from Dugdale Bros., who excel in British suiting cloths. Classic Chalk Stripes, and Rope Stripes, and a Wide Chalk Stripe. If you have a particular look in mind, do get in touch and we will see what we can find for you.

We also have some wonderful Italian Flannel 3cm wide 'Broad Stripes' on the site. See second picture below.

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Dark Charcoal Chalk Stripe

Grey Broadstripe Italian Flannel