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Savile Row in London is considered to be synonymous with the finest handcrafted British tailoring but here in Yorkshire there is also a long established history.

Bookster is based in Leeds, a city which was considered to be at the forefront of the cloth-making industrial revolution; a city said to have been built on wool.

Our company was established in 2007 but our experience in premium tailoring goes much further back. In fact, our combined experience in highly skilled tailoring is over 125 years.

We have built up a strong reputation for producing high quality Tweed clothing. Our Tweed suits and Tweed jackets are extremely popular and are considered to be best-in-class by our customers. At Bookster we are truly committed to our craft. British style is timeless so we stick closely to tradition whilst allowing our clothing to be personalised to suit your unique taste. We think rural heritage of Britain is something to be celebrated and we help keep it alive in our clothing.

We don’t compromise on quality. Everything we make must be completed to the highest standards, every time.

The combination of using only the finest materials and skilled tailoring techniques, ensures comfort, quality and fit. You can be confident that every item you order from us is a wise investment.

At Bookster we are proud of our tailoring heritage. We are passionate about traditional British style but we also keep up to date with the newest fashions and trends. This enables us to create both classic and contemporary clothing in styles that our customers want to wear. Whether you are looking for a one off outfit or a whole new wardrobe, we’ll work with you to design and make truly elegant, tailored clothing.


Our Story

Bookster was established by Peter and Michelle King in Herefordshire in 2007 and was born out of selling vintage clothing in the 1970s which, over time, became renowned for specialising in Tweed.

This specialisation was due to a continued frustration that tweed clothing was only available in a limited number of small sizes. With a growing customer base of demand for Tweed garments (in a variety of shapes and sizes) they decided that the best way to serve their clients was to actually start making Tweed jackets in custom sizes.

Thus Bookster Tailoring was established to introduce The Bookster Original made to order Tweed Jacket. Popularity for the product rapidly grew and soon demand had seen the product range widen significantly, whilst maintaining the Bookster Tweed Jacket as its core focus.

In 2014 Bookster Tailoring was acquired by new owners, with a rich tailoring heritage stretching back over 100 years, and subsequently the company’s headquarters moving to Leeds, a famous heartland for tailoring and cloth production.

The acquisition has only strengthened Bookster’s client offering in terms of product range, customisation options, selection of cloth, fit, tailoring quality and customer service. Today Bookster, still specialising in Tweed, has a customer base of satisfied clients who appreciate the quintessentially British style of a Bookster garment, its’ premium quality and perfect fit.

We have worked hard to maintain traditional tailoring whilst fulfilling the modern day demands of online ordering. We believe that premium clothing should be unique to you. That is why we have built up such a comprehensive range of fine cloths in varying weights, patterns and colours. We offer styles to suit every taste and offer customisable options on many of the design features right down to the lapels, pockets and trim.

Nothing conveys the impression of style quite like British tailoring. Let Bookster help you create a charming and sophisticated outfit that you’ll enjoy wearing for years to come.