Order Custom Tailored Made to Measure Covert Coat SPECIAL PRICE Order Custom Tailored Made to Measure Covert Coat SPECIAL PRICE

Order Custom Tailored Made to Measure Covert Coat SPECIAL PRICE


A Covert Coat is a classic, mid-weight coat made for field and city wear.  Typically worn without a jacket, our Covert Coat is made of tightly woven wool, and is appropriate for 3 season wear.

The New Toddy Covert is a contemporary update of a cloth sourced from the Lovat Mill archive of the late 19th Century. This covert variation uses a thick/thin merino wool twist for increased texture on the face with a milled lambswool back for added warmth. The overall feel is less sharp than a traditional covert coat and giving a more contemporary casual feel.

You can choose below whether you plan to wear a jacket underneath or not. Covert Coats are somewhat shorter than overcoats.  Please see our sizing guide to determine your best size but we can adjust sizing as needed.  You can add your 3 body measurements below and let us know of any other special adjustments you need.

Special Price this week - usually £690 Save £100!

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  • Reviews


    Raimund Kastler

    Simply perfect, great work of tailorship

    Working with Booksters is simply a pleasure. This begins with the kind assistance all through the ordering process up to the delivery. The Covert Coat is a perfekt example of high class English Tailoring. It fits perfectly, the details of the coat are a pleasure to explore. This is quite more than simply value for money Many thanks Bookster
    M., South Boston, USA

    A work of art

    I took delivery of my covert coat the other day, and I was astounded at the beautiful craftsmanship, the attention paid to my specifications, and the overall look of the coat. The covert material, gray, has an ever-so subtle tonic effect(only in certain lights), which was a surprise bonus. The cut, drape, and overall look of the coat is typical of what I’ve come to expect from Bookster. This is an heirloom-quality garment that I hope to get many decades’ worth of use out of. Bravo, Bookster!