Custom Made to Measure Double Breasted Overcoat - Tweed from Custom Made to Measure Double Breasted Overcoat - Tweed from

Custom Made to Measure Double Breasted Overcoat - Tweed from


Double Breasted Overcoats

British style was developed to contend with the unpredictable British weather. At Bookster we offer single and double breasted overcoats to protect your suit or provide additional warmth in the winter months. For Single Breasted Overcoat please go to the single breasted order form.


You can order your Overcoat  in any of our cloths. Tweed overcoats make a stylish and practical addition to your wardrobe.  Our Coatings have been carefully chosen as the best of British Cloth available.  Choose a Covert Cloth which is remarkably water repellent to create a Covert Coat,  ideal for the Races or the City.  For warmer months a lighter weight tweed is ideal.

A Bookster Overcoat is a genuine investment that makes a timeless addition to your wardrobe. Pair up with matching trousers, waistcoat and or jacket to make a luxury suit or even a matching cap to createe a completely unique outfit.

To order your Custom Made to Order Overcoat  in your choice of Tweed and Bespoke Options scroll down and click on your choices or type in special details and measurements as requested.  Options required to complete your order are marked with an *

Tweed Cloth None Selected
Lining None Selected
Buttons None Selected *
Sleeve Length *
Back Length *
Button Front None Selected *
Collar/Lapel None Selected *
Pockets None Selected *
Cuff None Selected *
Half Norfolk Back (Optional) None Selected
Button Half Belt (Optional) None Selected
Flap Breast Pocket (Optional) None Selected
Stitching Colours (Optional) None Selected
Stitching Style (Optional)
Undercollar (Optional) None Selected
Contrast Felt Undercollar (Optional) None Selected
Upper Collar Trim (Optional) None Selected
Upper Collar Trim Fabric (Optional) None Selected
Elbow Patch Trim (Optional) None Selected
Elbow Patch Trim Fabric (Optional) None Selected
Outside Pocket Jetting Trim (Optional) None Selected
Outside Pocket Jetting Trim Fabric (Optional) None Selected
Pocket Flap Trim (Including Jetting) Fabric (Optional) None Selected
Welted Breast Pocket Trim (Optional) None Selected
Welted Breast Pocket Trim Fabric (Optional) None Selected
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    Custom fitted Donegal-tweed 4button-overcoat

    Im totally satisfied with this coat. Its my first custom fitted tweed coat and was not let down by the way it was made. Great motivator to not gain any weight, so I can wear it every winter, for the rest of my life. I live in the Netherlands, I had a measuring session on Zoom, so the coat has a perfect fit. I wished to wear it with only a tweed waisecoat under it, so it is more thight than the regular size. Bullseye! my best investment ever! I'll look like a true gentleman now. Thanx a lot, Michele for the great service.

    Rightly Satisfied

    I bought a double breasted overcoat in grey herringbone tweed. It took a reasonable wait of a couple of months, and got it mid January. It has kept me warm, comfortable and looking quite nice. It is breathable and warm without being too heavy, and is my best overcoat; it will serve me for years. The price is worth the quality, and when it comes to made or order and made to measure, this is one of the best.