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Single Breasted Classic Jacket

The cut is relaxed, with ease at the waist and a straighter skirt with contemporary shorter vent/s. Although the cut is less shaped than our Hacking Jacket model the cut is elegant and flattering. Soft Structured Model also available.

You can order your Jacket in any of our cloths. Add Trousers and Waistcoat to create your Traditional Tweed Suit or choose a luxury wool suiting for a smart, traditional or contemporary business suit. For colder months, to wear as a Coat/Jacket, you can choose a Coating.   Pure Cotton and Corduroy are yet another choice.  Separate order forms are available for these different cloth types.

A Bookster jacket is a genuine investment that makes a timeless addition to your wardrobe. Pair up with matching trousers or breeks to make a luxury two piece suit or add a waistcoat and even an overcoat or matching cap to create a completely unique outfit.

To order your Custom Made to Order Single Breasted Classic Jacket in your choice of Cotton Cloths and Bespoke Options scroll down and click on your choices or type in special details and measurements as requested.  Options required to complete your order are marked with an *

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Upper Collar Trim (Optional) None Selected
Upper Collar Trim Fabric (Optional) None Selected
Elbow Patch Trim (Optional) None Selected
Elbow Patch Trim Fabric (Optional) None Selected
Outside Pocket Jetting Trim (Optional) None Selected
Outside Pocket Jetting Trim Fabric (Optional) None Selected
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Welted Breast Pocket Trim (Optional) None Selected
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    Ben Harrison

    Another head-turner from Bookster

    I'm used to getting compliments on any Bookster creation. This one got two "where did you get that?"'s on the same day. We experimented with a few different touches - the nehru colar, summer boating colors from Holland and Sherry, buggy lining and turn-back cuffs. And it worked marvelously. I greatly appreciate the way Bookster can take my vision, add insightful guidance based on their years of experience and aesthetic sensibilities, to produce a unique and stunning garment. Time and time again. That's why I keep coming back to Bookster!
    Brian E.

    Boating jacket

    This is my second purchase from Bookster, and I could not be happier with this blazer as well as the 3-piece tweed suit that I purchased last autumn. This jacket has an homage to my has-been rowing days as this would have been 25 years since I rowed at Henley. So I picked a 2 button blazer using a merino from Barrington Fabrics “The Bloodstone Boating Collection“ (light blue with navy and small red stripes). Michele is always helpful to make sure I’m not coming up with ideas or picking fabrics that are ridiculous and should only be worn by circus-folk. It’s sometimes hard to tell how something will look, so having a trusted source across the ocean that can let you know if the pictures don’t exactly match reality is helpful. It’s a great jacket, and I’ll definitely try to get lots of use out of it. The fit is spot-on, which can sometimes be difficult when working via email (and with my mixing of inches and centimeters when sizing things)...but it’s perfect. All the stripes line-up with one another perfectly as well. I highly recommend Bookster, and will be back again in the future for a possible tartan fabric blazer for winter.

    Great Fit, Great Value, Great Experience

    I sought a moleskin jacket to match something I had seen online and when I found Bookster, I struck gold. Not only was I able to find the color and material I wanted, in the desired weight, but all the variables were available—from surgeon's cuffs to linings to pocket style and placement. There was a slight hiccup in filling my order, but when I inquired, they got on it, gave me updates, and delivered it only a few days after the projected date—and how about this: DHL got it to me two days early! I was delighted with the final product. Terrific fit, perfect detailing, and at a fantastic price.
    Ryan Pike


    Excellent service as usual by the folks at Bookster. A very fine suit and just the ticket - top marks!