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Charcoal Thornproof 400gms

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"Harrisons Of Edinburgh"
Cloth Type:
Cloth Category:
Cloth Range:
Charcoal Thornproof Tweed
Weight Category:
Light to Medium Weight
Cloth Weight Per Square Metre:
400gms (14oz)
100% Wool


A characteristic tweed with a flecked / slub style , slub is when there are bumps in the yarn used,salt & pepper colouring style, salt and pepper implies grey but a wider range of colourways are avaiable. Normal tweeds are woven from single yarns, but Thornproof tweed is made from 2-fold twisted yarns producing a durable cloth – hence “thorn-proof’ due to the cloth being snag resistant when walking through ‘the rough’. We offer thornproofs of the finest quality and lower weights which are extremely popular for suits and jackets for everyday wear, you do not have to be slashing your way through briars to enjoy this versatile cloth.

Harrisons of Edinburgh was founded in 1863 by Sir George Harrison who began his career as an apprentice with an Edinburgh tailor. His first business venture was with a partner, establishing a business of wool drapers, hatters and hosiers in 1838. Twenty five years later he bought out an existing firm of woollen merchants, J & A Ogilvy, changing the name to what is known today as "Harrisons of Edinburgh".

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