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Yellow Tattersall

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"Dugdale Bros"
Cloth Type:
Cloth Category:
Cloth Range:
White Rose Sporting
Yellow Tattersall Check Wool
Weight Category:
Light to Medium Weight
Cloth Weight Per Square Metre:
390gms (14oz)
100% Wool


Tattersall describes a check or plaid pattern woven into cloth. The pattern is composed of regularly-spaced thin, even vertical warp stripes, repeated horizontally in the weft, thereby forming squares. The cloth pattern takes its name from Tattersall's horse market, which was started in London in 1766.[2] During the 18th century at Tattersall's horse market blankets with this checked pattern were sold for use on horses. Today the small check cloth is preferred for waistcoats/vests.DUGDALE BROS Since 1896, Dugdale Bros & Co has been making the finest cloth for the most eminent tailors. The Dugdale Bros fabric archive was created over several generations and it has proven to be a collection as rich in styles as it is in heritage Huddersfield cloth is the champagne of the industry Carefully selected best raw materials and after weaving naturally processed cloth with soft Yorkshire water using the most modern machinery to give that perfect Dugdale signature finish.
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