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Tiree Tweed

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"Bateman Ogden"
Cloth Type:
Cloth Category:
Cloth Range:
Pale Green Tweed with Grey and Gold Check
Weight Category:
Medium Weight
Cloth Weight Per Square Metre:
480gms (17oz)
100% Wool


Here you can order a cloth sample or add your cloth choice for your custom garment order to the basket.  The Tiree is a C Category and has a surcharge as shown on the Tailoring Price List. Choose your garment from the list below and your choice and any surcharge will be added to the basket.  Then simply go to your chosen Custom Tailoring Order Form to add your choices to basket.    Alternatively you can order a cloth sample for £2

Tiree is from Bateman Ogden's VERVE tweed range which inlcudes a variety of textures and patterns. We've chosen this bold elegant check which has a smooth, firm luxure feel

In temperate climates this weight of tweed can be worn almost all year round, it is substantial enough to have all the properties of a traditional tweed cloth without being too heavy. These cloths are also durable so will offer good service for a long time if cared for.

BATEMAN OGDEN Founded in 1881 in Yorkshire an important supplier for fabric for soldiers during the first world war. Subsequently specialised in Gaberdine and ultimately became renowned for finest quality suitings and tweed.

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