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Burgundy 8 Wale Cord

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"Brisbane Moss"
Cloth Type:
Cloth Category:
Cloth Range:
8 Whale Cord
Burgundy 8 Whale Cord
Weight Category:
Heavy Weight
Cloth Weight Per Square Metre:
470gms (17oz)
100% Cotton


‘Corde du Roi’ – Cord of the King was the origin of the name. The width of the ‘Cords’in the weave are measured in ‘wales’. The lower the number the thicker the ‘wale’. It comes in varying widths, from needle cord upwards. A standard ‘wale’ is 11 ‘wales’ per inch. A velvety lustrous finish with similar attributes to moleskin as far as uses and properties are concerned. It is well known for its use in Field Sports for trousers, breeches, shirts waistcoats and jackets and has always enjoyed wider use but again, usually in an unsubstantial form for fashion use. Our corduroy garments are outstanding at first glance even on the hanger.BRISBANE MOSS evolved from The English Fustian Manufacturing Company Ltd. who were formed in 1901. M Chapmans & Sons who also specialized in Pile Fabrics became became the current owners in 1983. Brisbane Moss continues to offer its traditional qualities.

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