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Copister Tweed

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"Lovat Mill"
Cloth Type:
Cloth Category:
Cloth Range:
Holm Tweed
Brown with Blue Check
Weight Category:
Light to Medium Weight
Cloth Weight Per Square Metre:
390gms (13oz)
100% Wool


100% Shetland Tweed from Shetland Sheep.  The term Shetland Tweed is often used for a type of rustic light weight tweed but it  doesn't always mean it came from a Shetland Sheep Fleece.  Holm Tweed from Lovat Mill is "The real McCoy" to coin a phrase.

Holm Tweed combines traditional softness and warmth in a versatile lighter weight jacketing cloth.  Each Shetland Wool Fleece contains a uniquely wide range of fibre thickness.  rich colour mixtures are crafted from the coarser fibres, wile the finer micron wool provides the luxury and drape and handle.

We have chosen this cloth as ideal for tailoring our custom Shackets but it is equally suitable for more structured jackets and for waistcoats.  We haven't added to our trouser and breeks forms because the Mill does not recommend the cloth for use as trousers.  

B Category Price Choose Special Category B from the tweed order forms and add to notes.

Weight 390 gms

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