Midnight Wool Mohair 280g Midnight Wool Mohair 280g
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Midnight Wool Mohair 280g

Not only does Mohair add lustre and sharpness to Wool it also makes for a cooler cloth for the spring and summer. BATEMAN OGDEN Founded in 1881 in Yorkshire an important supplier for fabric for soldiers during the first world war. Subsequently specialised in Gaberdine and ultimately became renowned for finest quality suitings and tweed.
Maker: "Bateman Ogden"
Cloth Type: Suiting
Cloth Category: C
Cloth Range: Wool / Kid Mohair
Description: Midnight Wool /Kid Mohair
Weight Category: Light Weight
Cloth Weight Per Square Metre: 280gms (10oz)
Composition: 90% Wool /10% Kid Mohair
Colour: Blue
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